The Scoop Problem: Grrr, Ick, and Ewww

GRRR is having to fish around in your container for your scoop every time. ICK is getting powder on your fingers and hands every time. And EWWW is contaminating your powder every time with whatever might be on your fingers and hands.

Why We Call It The ScoopSolution(TM)

Nearly Universal

The ScoopSolution™ can hold round scoops of varying diameters and wall thickness. The large scoop capture area and capture pin help easily align any size scoop. The pinch mechanism even works with irregularly-shaped scoops. That’s a solution!


The ScoopSolution™ holds the scoop securely. Progressive capture force means it grips your scoop snugly the first time with minimal effort. The 3-point adhesive design accommodates upward force at the scoop removal point as well as side-to-side force.


Mount The ScoopSolution™ wherever you prefer. For greatest portability, mount it on the underside of your lid. If you prefer to keep the scoop completely out of the powder at all times, you can mount it on the top/outside of the lid or even inside a cupboard door.


Use The ScoopSolution™ with protein powders, meal replacement shakes, nutritional supplements, drink mixes, ground coffee, infant formula, or nearly anything that's powdered or scoopable. That’s a solution!


The ScoopSolution™ is made of BPA-free polypropylene, a material that meets the FDA’s requirements for direct food contact. The rubber-based adhesive is latex-free and meets the FDA’s requirements for indirect food contact.

Responsibly Reusable

Marked with the ♷ symbol, it is recyclable in a large and growing number of communities (remove adhesive first). Reusing The ScoopSolution™ is easy–simply swap lids when you open your next container, or mount it in a kitchen cabinet.


For Individuals | For Retailers and Other Businesses

Single 3-Pak

$ 7.99

USD, plus shipping

  • For individuals
  • Plus tax where applicable
  • USPS First-Class Mail

Free Shipping

$ 39.95

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  • For individuals
  • 5 3-paks (15 scoop holders)
  • Plus tax where applicable
  • USPS First-Class Mail


$ Varies

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  • For retail stores and other businesses
  • Standard and custom colors
  • Logo imprint available
  • Minimum quantities apply
  • Volume discounts available

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